ORSP Presentations: Slides, Handouts, and Recordings


Upcoming Workshops and PresentationsNSF and NIH Proposal Compliance, September 2016

PDF icon NSF Overview September 20151.33 MB
PDF icon NIH--New Requirements for Biographical Sketches, McLaurin, March 201561.78 KB
PDF icon Winning NIH Grants: Swimming with Sharks9.56 MB
PDF icon NSF Grant Writing: Perspectives of a Former NSF Program Officer Laura Kramer395.67 KB
PDF icon FundingOpps_Workshop_Fall_2014.pdf442.64 KB
PDF icon ORSP-PIVOT Collab Workshop.pdf4.83 MB
PDF icon NSF Overview, McLaurin, November 20142.37 MB
File Logic Models5.21 MB
PDF icon Logic Models 101 (Spring 2015)3.58 MB
PDF icon WritingMoreEffectiveNSFProjectSummariesMarch2015.pdf4.64 MB
PDF icon Finding and Listing Resources with the Research Resource Directory (R2D1)9.16 MB
PDF icon GrantWritingRulesOfThumbOct2015.pdf6.44 MB
PDF icon GSCGrantsOct2015.pdf2.14 MB
PDF icon NSF Overview 11-11-15.AdobOptim.pdf3.36 MB
PDF icon GrantWritingRulesOfThumbSept2016.pdf6.94 MB
PDF icon HighSchoolUndergraduateResearchTraining.pdf7.68 MB
PDF icon ORSPInternalGrantsTrainingSept2016.pdf6.08 MB
PDF icon NSF and NIH Proposal Compliance, September 2016118.6 KB
PDF icon NIH Overview, September 2016400.7 KB
PDF icon NSF Overview, Ken Sleeper, September 2016.pdf16.97 MB
PDF icon ORSP-PIVOT Workshop, Ken Sleeper, September 2016.pdf8.83 MB
File ORSPInternalGrantsTrainingOct24.pptx1.76 MB
PDF icon IgniteOleMissORSP Workshop_2016.10.13.pdf3.12 MB
PDF icon ORSP-PreAwardServices-v11.pdf111.89 KB
File R2D1-Training-101316.pptx4.44 MB
PDF icon PROPOSAL DEVELOPMENT: Constructing a Funding Proposal865.58 KB
PDF icon Budget WorkshopRevised.pdf10.81 MB
File ORSP-LIBARetreat-Jan2017-v2.pptx1.76 MB
File ORSP-PreAwardServices-v12b.docx35.09 KB
File ORSP-Description-New-Faculty-v16.docx32.35 KB
PDF icon Post-Award Responsibilities and Staff.pdf63.55 KB
PDF icon SPA Staff 2016-17.pdf56.54 KB
PDF icon ORSP DTM one-pager Jan 2017.pdf45.81 KB
File Analytics Grant Expense Summary Report instructions.docx134.1 KB
PDF icon GSCGrantsNovFeb2017-v2.pdf1005.65 KB
PDF icon R2D1-Training---09252017.pdf10.32 MB
PDF icon GrantWritingRulesOfThumbSept2017.pdf6.81 MB
PDF icon GrantWritingRulesOfThumbOct2018.pdf7.71 MB
PDF icon R2D1-Deom-FC--10112017.pdf10.43 MB
File ORSP_NSF_EPSCoR-Track2-INFO-SESSION-2017for2018.pptx1.72 MB
File ORSP_NSF_MRI_2018.pptx2.18 MB
PDF icon ORSP_NSF_EPSCoR-Track-4.pdf1.71 MB
PDF icon ORSP-InfoSession-UGR-Spring2018.pdf5.82 MB
PDF icon Proposal Writing Strategies for NSF (handouts 6 slides per page)605.45 KB
File Proposal Writing Strategies for NSF (PPT)1.67 MB
PDF icon Proposal Writing Strategies for NSF (6 slides per page)300.86 KB
File GSCGrantsNovFeb2019v2.pptx1.66 MB
File ORSP_NSF_CAREER-Track-4-2019-0130.pptx1.41 MB
File ORSP_NIH-SEPA-R25-2019-InfoSession-v2.pptx4.1 MB
PDF icon ORSP_GRFP-Sept2019.pdf1.2 MB
File ORSP_GRFP-Sept2019.pptx1.91 MB
PDF icon GRFP Webinar Info482.26 KB
PDF icon GSCGrantsNov2020v3.pdf3.93 MB
File GSCGrantsNov2020v3b.pptx4.37 MB
File ORSP_NSF_Track-4-2020.pptx2.07 MB
File GSCGrantsNov2020v4.pptx4.38 MB
PDF icon Undergraduate Research Info Session - For Students8.47 MB
File ORSP-InfoSession-UGR-ForStudents-Feb4-2020.pptx6.43 MB
File DEIGrantProposals20200513.pptx2.19 MB
File DEIGrantProposals20200513plusQandA.pptx4.48 MB
File NSFCAREEREyler.pptx175.84 KB
File DEIGrantProposals20200528plusQandA.pptx4.85 MB
PDF icon MSDayFAQ.pdf38.04 KB
PDF icon MSDayBiolerplate.pdf21.22 KB
PDF icon DisasterResilienceJuly13-2020.pdf1.72 MB