We are the team at the University of Mississippi that aids in the commercialization of technologies and intellectual property developed by UM faculty, staff, and students.

Our Goals

  • increase the number of technologies licensed to commercial partners and facilitate the formation of companies based on UM technologies
  • manage an efficient process which is not a burden on faculty, staff and students and which ensures that research outcomes with commercial potential are protected and then transferred to the private sector

Primary Duties

  • negotiate and execute non-disclosure, material transfer, memoranda of understanding, licensing and other agreements with external parties to facilitate external collaborations, technology transfer and economic development
  • help our faculty, staff and students identify commercial opportunities for intellectual property and prepare invention disclosures and other necessary documents
  • help our faculty, staff  and students who wish to start a company based on a technology owned by the university to obtain necessary approvals and establish contacts with appropriate resources
  • manage the intellectual property process for inventions with promising commercial potential
  • work with our licensees to ensure timely development of licensed technologies and fulfillment of financial obligations
  • support business development efforts of individual departments and centers/institutes on campus


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Our Office

Walt Chambliss

Walter G. Chambliss, Ph.D.

Director of Technology Management
(662) 915-7134

Allyson Best

Allyson M. Best, M.B.A.

Associate Director of Technology Management
(662) 915-7188

Latasha McJunkins

Latasha R. McJunkins

Project Coordinator, Division of Technology Management
(662) 915-1604