Division of Research Resources

The primary mission of the Division of Research Resources is to assist the UM community in developing nationally prominent programs of research and scholarly activities, and to bring recognition and reward for outstanding accomplishments in these areas.

Primary Duties

Research Development
Provide support for faculty and staff in pursuing research projects for external funding by federal, state, corporate, or private agencies and organizations.
Internal Grants Programs and Financial Support for Research
Manage the Faculty Travel Support program and other requests from researchers, chairs, and deans for additional needs, such as publication subventions, hosting workshops, conferences, and symposia, campus visits of potential collaborators and agency representatives, start-up expenses for new faculty, and other major equipment or facilities costs.
Expertise Database
Manage a web-based compendium of the research and scholarly activities, interests, and expertise of UM faculty and research staff.
Institutional Submissions
Coordinate internal selection for limited submission funding programs and nominations for awards of distinction.
Information Resources for Researchers
Collect, create, and disseminate information resources for developing proposals and collaborations
Facilitate and develop workshops, presentations, and forums with broad interdisciplinary appeal to UM rearchers