Proposal Forms and Budget Templates

Narrative Review Request Form
Use this form when requesting an enhanced review of your proposal (including TIG reviews and disciplinary expert reviews).
Proposal Budget Checklist
This budget outline is a generalized format that will provide a good basis for most proposals. Actual budget categories will vary by sponsoring agency.
ORSP Standard Budget (Effective July 1, 2022; Updated May 19, 2022)
ORSP Standard Budget with Cost Share (Effective July 1, 2022; May 19, 2022)
ORSP Standard Budget Demonstration Video (Updated July 26, 2020)
Request for Cost Share Form & Directions (Updated February 1, 2020)
Request for Institutional Support Form & Directions (Updated February 1, 2020)
Cost Shared Tuition Form (Updated January 20, 2021)
Justification for Direct Charging of Normally F&A Cost  (Updated July 21, 2015)
In order to comply with the Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards (“Uniform Guidance”), effective December 26, 2014, and the Cost Accounting Standards (CAS), The University of Mississippi has established certain policies for charging costs to federally sponsored projects. (see the University of Mississippi Contracts and Grants Office Direct Cost Charging Policies).  Unless direct charging can be justified in accordance with the Uniform Guidance and this policy, administrative and clerical salaries, office supplies and other costs identified as normally indirect in the University’s policies will be charged as indirect costs.
Proposal Budget Revision Transmittal Sheet
Use this form to explain reasons, outline details, and obtain approval signatures for a budget revision on a previously submitted proposal.
Checklist for Determination of Subrecipient or Contractor (Updated July 1, 2019)
Use this form when developing a budget, to properly identify the role of a potential partnering entity.  Per Uniform Guidance, it is the University's responsibility to correctly determine and classify the nature of the relationship with any entity to whom we will be sending funds.  This form should be completed for each proposal in which a subaward (subcontract) is proposed;  it is also especially critical when working with a private company, to correctly determine whether they are a subrecipient (collaborator on the proposed work) or contractor (a vendor, a provider of goods or services).
Subrecipient Commitment Form (Updated May 9, 2022)
Use this form to collect information about each Subrecipient included on a UM proposal at the proposal stage.  It ensures the Subrecipient's institution is aware of and approves the Subrecipient proposal for submission.  It also verifies the eligibility of the Subrecipient and provides necessary information to complete a risk assessment as required by 2 CFR §200.331 of Uniform Guidance.