SOP Annual Review Form Instructions


Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are stand alone documents independent of protocol applications and must be reviewed annually.

General Instructions

Complete and sign the SOP Annual Review form. Submit the completed form via e-mail to and deliver one signed hard copy to the IACUC office, 100 Barr Hall.

Specific Instructions

Question 1: “Have there been any improvements in the procedure in the past year, and, if so, are you planning to change your SOP?”

Provide an explanation of the improvements of which you have become aware regarding the procedure, and describe any changes you are planning to make. If substantial changes will be made to the SOP such that it is no longer appropriate, submit a new SOP.

Question 2: “Have procedures for refinement, replacement or reduction emerged from your laboratory or been published in the past year?”

Provide an explanation of the new procedures generated from your laboratory or that have been published in the past year regarding refinement, replacement or reduction. If either will result in substantial changes to the SOP such that it is no longer appropriate as it was originally written, submit a new SOP.


For assistance, contact the IACUC Office:
100 Barr Hall
Call 915-7482