DoE EPSCoR Implementation Grants Limited Submission

UM faculty or members who are eligible to serve as Principal Investigator and are interested developing proposals for the current DOE EPSCoR Implementation Grants limited submission opportunity are invited to develop and submit the cover page and four-page pre-application, as described in the FOA, for institutional consideration. The List of Collaborators does not have to be developed by the internal pre-application due date, but can be added later for the selected pre-application (if any). ORSP will determine whether any viable proposals are received, and if so, select one to move forward for submission to DoE.

Note the extremely short timeline here. Pre-Applications are due to DoE December 15. Thus, internal pre-applications are due to ORSP by midnight December 6. The Chair and Dean of the PI must consent to the pre-application moving forward for institutional consideration by December 7. A decision will be made December 7, and if a pre-application is selected, the transmittal must be submitted by December 8, for a December 15 submission date to DoE.

Prospective PIs are encouraged to discuss their ideas with their unit leadership to ensure buy-in before putting in the work to develop the four-page pre-application for institutional consideration. Internal pre-proposals should be submitted via the Ole Miss InfoReady Review portal.