Memoranda of Understanding and Inter-Institutional Agreements

Often collaborative research efforts with outside institutions are defined in Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) or Inter-Institutional Agreements (IIA) before other agreements are executed.

An MOU typically defines how intellectual property will be shared and the roles and responsibilities of the involved parties. If you are planning to enter into a collaborative relationship with an outside party, it is important to discuss the possibility of an MOU with our office. The ORSP Division of Technology Management is responsible for drafting MOUs related to collaborative research.

The Division of Technology Management is also responsible for drafting IIAs related to collaborative research. An IIA is used when intellectual property is jointly owned by more than one institution, and when faculty move to or from UM and wish to continue research in which intellectual property has already been generated.

If you are new to UM or are about to transfer to another outside institution and have intellectual property concerns, or if you have co-developed an idea with a collaborator, you should contact DTM regarding the possibility of an IIA. Both MOUs and IIAs typically identify a lead institution for managing intellectual property and provide details on how licensing income will be shared.