5.5 - Transmittal Process

The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs is responsible for reviewing and approving all proposals and budgets submitted to external sources before they are submitted to the sponsor. The Vice Chancellor for Research and Sponsored Programs is The University of Mississippi’s authorizing official for grants and contracts.

The UM Transmittal Sheet for Sponsored Projects (found on the ORSP Submitting Funding Proposals page) — the official university form for the documentation of concurrence of university officials with plans and commitments contained in proposals for externally funded programs — is the internal mechanism to:

  • inform all affected parties of the proposal;
  • document their knowledge of and support for the proposal;
  • document any needed and committed cost-sharing for the program;
  • document other institutional reviews that may be necessary because of the specific nature of the program (in particular, use of human subjects, use of animal subjects, or use of biological, chemical, or radiation hazards – see Sections 8.1, 8.2, 8.3); use of Field Station, Computer Center, Continuing Education facilities and staff, or other campus resources;
  • document that the PI/PD or any member of the proposed research team does or does not have a significant financial interest in the proposed project (see Section 8.5).

The UM Transmittal Sheet should be completed for all projects for which external funds are sought or received by the university, excluding gifts to the university (see Section 2.1 for a discussion of gifts vs. grants).

Note: The Proposal and Award Processing Path (found on the ORSP Award Management page under the Award Process tab) is a one-page, step-by-step overview of the proposal development and transmittal process, outlining the responsibilities of the proposal writer and the ORSP; this overview page also outlines steps and responsibilities in the award review, negotiation, and acceptance process and the administration of an award.

To begin the transmittal process, the faculty or staff member who will serve as the PI/PD on the project should first complete the UM Transmittal Sheet for Sponsored Projects and obtain the signatures of all co-PIs/co-PDs, their department chair(s) or unit director(s), dean(s), regulatory committee chair(s) as applicable, and ancillary signatures as required. The latest version of the UM Transmittal Sheet is posted on the ORSP Submitting Funding Proposals page, and is also available from ORSP staff.

The PI/PD should then forward the complete proposal, along with the completed and signed UM Transmittal Sheet, all necessary certifications, and any Significant Financial Interest Disclosure forms, if appropriate, to the ORSP for internal review and approval. The PI/PD should allow at least FIVE working days for this internal review. If this is not feasible, the PI/PD should contact the ORSP immediately to make other arrangements.

The ORSP reviews proposals for completeness of the UM Transmittal Sheet and compliance with UM and agency regulations, including budget review and approval by the ORSP Contracts and Grants Accountant (see Section 5.6, following, for a description of the budget review process). Upon approval of the proposal, budget, and transmittal sheet, ORSP officials sign the UM Transmittal Sheet. The signature of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Sponsored Programs — the university's authorizing official for grants and contracts — is then obtained on the appropriate documents as required by university policy and by the potential sponsor.

Note: To expedite the review process, PIs/PDs may circulate a draft proposal with the UM Transmittal Sheet and budget. In addition, the ORSP highly recommends that PIs/PDs submit draft budgets to ORSP staff for review of completeness and correctness and to obviate last-minute revisions.

After completion of the internal review, the PI/PD is notified that the proposal has been approved and signed, and is ready for pick-up at the ORSP. The duplication and mailing or electronic uploading of proposals are the responsibility of the PI/PD or the department/unit, unless these services are specifically requested of the ORSP. The PI/PD must send a copy of the proposal (as submitted to the sponsor) to the ORSP for the official university files of applications for and receipt of all sponsored program awards.

After proposal submission, ORSP staff will inform the PI/PD of any elements of the proposed program (e.g., hiring a consultant, organizing a conference) that require special considerations, in addition to those procedures common to all sponsored programs. ORSP staff will also provide additional information on steps to be taken to avoid delays in establishing an account should the project be funded.