5.3 - Multi-Institutional Programs


The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs facilitates faculty participation in a wide range of multi-institutional programs and projects, providing a statewide response to common needs and opportunities in research, instruction, and public service.

Initiation of Collaborative Projects

The ORSP assists faculty initiation of collaborative projects through a variety of informal and formal networks. To expedite the presentation of the proposed project to other institutions or consortia, the faculty member should prepare a one- to three-page concept paper outlining the project proposed, the collaboration sought, and, if relevant, the funding needed or available. The faculty member should then contact the Director of Research in the ORSP to discuss the concept with appropriate staff members.

The ORSP also initiates multi-institutional collaboration as opportunities arise. ORSP personnel notify the appropriate departments, centers, and individual faculty members concerning these opportunities and then provide statewide coordination of the ensuing initiatives, if requested. This facilitation may occur through existing networks and consortia, such as the Mississippi Research Consortium (MRC) and the Mississippi Education and Research Group (MERG), or through the development of new alliances that respond to immediate or long-term objectives.

The university also encourages faculty to participate in collaborative projects initiated by faculty at other institutions. For assistance with project coordination or review of university/sponsor requirements for these proposal submissions and sponsored programs activities, the faculty member should contact the Director of Research in the ORSP.

The process for internal review of proposals involving university participation in such collaborative projects is the same as that for proposals submitted by the university; i.e., the proposed project activities, a budget reflecting the portion of work to be performed at the university, and documentation of the university’s obligation to the project must be reviewed and approved through the internal review process before the proposal as a whole is submitted to a sponsor by the collaborating entity. In addition, the ORSP must receive a copy of the full submitted proposal within ten working days after the submission. This copy will be reviewed for conformance to the portion previously approved. The university reserves the right to withdraw from any collaboration if the activities, budget, or other arrangements involving the university are altered without UM approval.