2.5 - Members of the IRB

The membership of the University of Mississippi IRB is as follows:

  • Dr. Carol Gohm - Chair, IRB; Associate Professor of Psychology
  • Ms. Diane W. Lindley - IRB Coordinator; Division of Research Integrity and Compliance, Office of Research and Sponsored Programs
  • Dr. Karen Christoff - Associate Professor of Psychology
  • Dr. David Coon - Physician (Alternate for Dr. Jean Gispen)
  • Dr. Jean Gispen - Physician
  • Ms. Andrea Johnson - Graduate Student, Health, Exercise Science, and Recreation Management
  • Mr. Thomas Levidiotis - Attorney (non-scientist, community representative)
  • Mr. Ronald W. Lewis - Attorney (non-scientist, community representative)
  • Dr. Thomas Lombardo - Associate Professor of Psychology; Director, Research Integrity and Compliance
  • Dr. John C. Matthews - Professor of Pharmacology
  • Rev. Les Newsom - Campus Minister, Reformed University Fellowship
  • Dr. Dwight Waddell - Assistant Professor of Health, Exercise Science, and Recreation Management
  • Dr. Amy Wells - Associate Professor of Leadership and Counselor Education