Education Waiver for Very Low Risk Projects

The IRB waives the education requirement for surveys and interviews with adults that are innocuous.  The IRB makes the final determination of whether training is required.  A protocol application (the abbreviated protocol application form) is required for all studies.  


Education waiver studies must meet the all of the following:

1)      studies with adult subjects

2)      surveys and interviews (including focus groups)

3)      IRB review concludes questions are innocuous


Your study may qualify for education exemption if you can answer 'no' to ALL questions below. The IRB will then evaluate your abstract and the actual survey or interview questions you will use for a final decision.


1.   Does your study ask for sensitive information?

              Examples: Sexual activities, porn use, drug use, atheism, use of alcohol while driving, mental health or medical problem, weight, etc.


Make this assumption:  subjects' data/responses are published on the front page of the Oxford Eagle, and names, photos, and addresses are included.

2.      Could this published information:

         -Risk damage to a subject’s reputation?

         -Involve criminal or civil liability?

         -Affect a subject’s employability?

         -Affect a subject's financial standing (e.g., ability to get a loan)?