SEC Academic Collaboration Grant

This new program is just one of several activities sponsored by the SECU, the academic initiative of the 14-school SEC athletic conference.  The grant is awarded annually to one SEC institution to expand student-focused collaboration among ALL applicable SEC universities.  Examples of collaborative activities include intra-conference competitions, graduate student recruiting fairs, and undergraduate research initiatives, among others. 2-page grant proposals (including a budget) will be accepted by the SECU from a range of academic units (departments, centers, schools, etc.), and each proposal must be supported by that unit’s senior administrator (e.g., chair, director, dean etc.), as well as by the applicable senior administrators at all applicable SEC universities (as documented via e-mails/letters of support.)

NOTE: This is the same opportunity that was communicated directly to deans by the SECU’s Torie Johnson in October or November 2013. Although the allowable budget and facilities and administrative costs are not addressed in the SECU’s announcement, unless otherwise communicated, please assume a maximum budget of $25,000 and no F&A recovery. The SECU imposes no limit on the number of proposals that may be submitted by each institution; however, each UM proposal will be submitted by ORSP on behalf of the proposing unit, and must accompanied by a cover letter co-signed by UM Provost Stocks and/or Chancellor Jones. ORSP can help coordinate the requests for these co-signatures for all otherwise-completed proposals.

Key Dates: 

04/28/2014                             applications (minus Chancellor/Provost letter) due to ORSP
05/01/2014                             applications due to SECU by noon central time
2014/15 Academic Year         the grant period

For more information, see the program description ( Academic Collaboration WEBSITE Grant Guidelines.pdf) on the SECU Web page:, or contact your ORSP Research Advocate/Program Development Specialist (