NOAA Environmental Literacy Grants (ELG)

NOAA Environmental Literacy for Communities (ELG) Funding Announcement

Strengthening the Public's and/or K-12 Students' Environmental Literacy for Community Resilience to Extreme Weather Events and Other Environmental Hazards

The NOAA Office of Education has issued a competitive funding opportunity for education projects designed to strengthen the public’s and/or K-12 students’ environmental literacy to enable informed decision-making necessary for community resilience to extreme weather events and other environmental hazards. Successful projects will advance NOAA’s mission and build the environmental literacy necessary for community resilience by focusing on geographic awareness and an understanding of Earth systems and the threats and vulnerabilities that are associated with a community’s location. Proposed projects should be between two and five years in duration and have total budget requests of $250,000 to $500,000 for all years of the project. 

Cost share is not required (and therefore strongly discouraged by UM/ORSP). UM may submit multiple distinct applications. Individuals may participate as co-PIs on multiple applications but should only participate as a PI on one application. Federal employees may not serve as PIs or co-PIs but may participate as senior personnel on collaborative proposals.

Key Dates and Timeline:

ASAP               Notify ORSP of intent to apply
2/1/2016         Proposals due to ORSP
2/8/2016         Proposals due to sponsor (10:59:59 pm CST)
9/30/2015       Notifications of awardees
10/1/2016       Earliest project start date


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