December 1999

Inside This Issue:

Office of Research to close for te holidays

The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, like the rest of UM, will be closed for the holidays, December 22nd -January 3rd. If you are anticipating a submission for a deadline falling during the break, please be aware that the proposal must be internally processed and approved by December 21st.

Successful equipment proposals require unique spin

Although the faculty in this month’s Focus are discussing their experiences with the National Science Foundation’s Major Research Instrumentation program, their insights apply broadly to any proposal solely or primarily for equipment.  FULL STORY

External Grants and Contracts/Awards 1999-2000

Awards Received

October $1,595,939.00 11 Awards for October
FY2000 $14,852.26 100 Awards year to date

82% increase in total amount awarded over FY99

Proposals Submitted

October $2,706,323 30 Proposals
FY2000 $26,613,219 132 Proposals year to date

18% increase in total number of proposals over FY99

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